Letter from Mr. Bassim to montepego.info 30/11/2017

Letter MR. Bassim

Letter from Mr. Bassim to montepego.info 30/11/2017



I have been living in Monte Pego-Denia for 18 years. From the beginning I have been interested in the common well being of everyone in Monte Pego which has led me to meet many owners who have shared their experiences, knowledge, information, desires, frustrations, etc.

During the last 3 years I have represented owners who also live in Monte Pego-Denia.

The false information and press releases regarding Monte Pego, which have appeared recently in different media and social networks, affect the entire Urbanization. The newly established associations in Monte Pego have provided this kind of information, which has an impact to devalue all properties. This prejudice demands my energetic reaction to safeguard my interests in my property in Monte Pego.

These writings are particularly addressed to the Associations that exist in Monte Pego and to the vast majority of owners who like me feel harmed. I try to convey common sense to some acts, which are normal events, in which these Associations insist on magnifying – to alarm, scare and confuse.

For several days I have been reviewing different information and news I have received, both current and from the past collected during these 18 years of living in Monte Pego.

I hope that my REACTION can serve to focus on the real problems and act accordingly. They are many different subjects I want to write to you but I do not want to overwhelm you, so I have divided and listed them to send them by intervals to the Associations, Owners and Groups.

We are very fortunate to live in one of the best developments on the Costa Blanca despite the lack of annual reinvestment of taxes by the municipalities and especially by the Municipality of Pego. The Monte Pego Urbanization deserves a positive joint effort by all to restore its initial fullness!



1.– False news disseminated by the “Asociación Vecinos de la Montaña de Pego” about the proposed New General Plan of Denia regarding Monte Pego:

“ The crucial aspects here are that no further building will be permitted in the MP Denia sector! Plots without building will be considered non-urban (protected rural)”

This type of false news creates a bad image and devalues property in Monte Pego and is contrary to one of the primary objectives of an Association that is to ensure the good name of Monte Pego. I advise you to read the full text in Annex 1.

Attached Annex 1


2.- False news disseminated by the Pro-Monte Pego Association in relation to MP Denia.

“Despite the latest statements by Councillor Josep Crespo explaining the legal problems with the Ownership of urbanization prevent him from having an annual budget for Monte Pego….”

Accompanied by another person I met with Councillor Crespo in the Town Hall of Denia to ask for explanations and he flatly denied having made the above statement. Ownership belongs to each Property Owner, the green areas and roads belong to the Municipality of Denia. There is no problem of ownership in the Denia Area of Monte Pego. Why do they spread this false information?


3.- It came to my knowledge an email recently sent by the Association Pro-Monte Pego, entitled”Alarming News ……..” I read this email and am outraged by its content:

“ The Mayor has this last week proudly informed us that Town Hall has the power of attorney of Los Vecinos, meaning they have a free hand to do precisely what they want”

It is inconceivable to believe that an Association has the authority or representativeness for a whole community to delegate a power to a City Council to do what they want. It is pure fantasy and false. They have achieved their purpose if their objective was to create panic, alarm or confusion.

“As we know, the legal department of Pego Town Hall wants to make responsible for the upgrade of infrastructures and basic services (21.000.000€) in order to allow the Town Hall to adopt the urbanisation ….”

“Pro Monte Pego does not and cannot support any request from Pego Town Hall for the owners on the urbanisation to pay again for basic services”

Such calamity, if not stupidity, has no legal support. It is not the Town Hall’s authority to change the current legislation. The Associations should request a written confirmation of any relevant statement provided by the public employees or authority to avoid problems and assign responsibilities.

 The Town Hall of Pego receives more than € 600,000 each year from IBI by the Monte Pego Urbanization, without taking into account capital gains taxes, licenses, other self-employed taxes and companies that work directly or indirectly in the Monte Pego Urbanization and even subsidies. The magnitude of what has been paid into the municipal coffers over these years is likely to reach € 21,000,000! No matter how hard the Mayor tries, no owner will pay a euro for the infrastructure that was already finished when they bought. I have known Owners who have enjoyed the infrastructure completed for 34 years.

The Town Hall of Pego should stop damaging and harming the image of Monte Pego which affects the value of all properties in Monte Pego, regardless of their municipalities. The Town Hall of Pego must simply comply with its municipal obligations of public services for which it is very well remunerated! 

“If you can not join the meeting (5th December) please let us know whether you wish to vote for a) or b) by sending us your email:

  1. a) Please give up the fight for basic services again
  2. b) Please continue the fight, no matter what it takes= I do not think we   should pay again for basic services”

Placing their Members to this type of pressure is groundless. The Association should have concentrated its efforts on permanently demanding that the Town Hall comply with its obligations and duties in the same way it does with citizens living in the Urban area of Pego, instead of praising, applauding, giving and taking photographs with the Mayor of Pego.

Requesting Members to “continue the fight no matter what it costs” has a number of implications that I prefer not to go into.

Attached Annex 3



4.- The Associations in Monte Pego are attributing themselves a collective and general representativeness that nobody has granted them.

The law that regulates these Associations says textually that their function is to represent only their Associates; they do not have a general mandate or legitimacy to say that they represent an entire community.

By logic each Association should report the number of Members it has, in this case, how many properties in Monte Pego represent and how many in each municipality.

Among the responsibilities of the legally constituted Associations is said verbatim:

“The Members of the Board of Directors shall be liable to the Association for any damages caused by acts contrary to the law or the statutes or for those performed negligently. Those Members who expressly oppose the agreement that determines such acts or have not participated in its adoption shall be exempt from liability. “


5.- In an article sent by the “Asociación Pro-Monte Pego” to several media for dissemination, the image of all Monte Pego including the properties is again damaging with totally erroneous and harmful information.

How can they say it’s an unfinished Urbanization? The majority of owners who bought in Monte Pego once the Urbanization was finished did so with lawyers who advised them on the purchase and verified all legal aspects and permits to give them their approval to purchase. The infrastructure made, existing and completed corresponded to the planning approved by all the Competent Bodies according to the law.

Consequently one thing is that the infrastructure was completed years ago and another that the municipalities have not performed the necessary maintenance for which each we pay high taxes annually, in particular the Municipality of Pego that receives more than € 600,000 per year and does nothing.

I have verified that there are NO legal or litigation problems between the Promoter and the Town Hall of Rafol d’Almunia and Denia.

Who is interested in constantly damaging over and over again the image of Monte Pego?

Attached Annex 5


6.- The “Asociación de Vecinos de Pego” announces that after several meetings at the Town Hall of Rafol d’Almunia they found out that the Rafol area is urban and enjoys the same rights as the urban area.

The area of Rafol d’Almunia in Monte Pego has been URBAN for several years and it is because it meets all the necessary requirements. Ask the Property Owners in this area about what does it state on the receipt of the annual IBI sent by the Town Hall of Rafol d’Almunia through SUMA.

Attached Annex 6


7.- In one of the last writings disseminated by the “Asociación Pro-Monte Pego” they state that they have permission from the Town Councils to place a multitude of posters of fire preventions and WhatsApp belonging to the said Association above.

“ Pro Monte Pego is also able to announce that Denia Town Hall today have confirmed the permission for us to install our WhatsApp signs!! “

The vast majority of owners in Monte Pego are unaware of this claim making their reaction unpredictable. I know owners who have not authorized their placement, they have not been provided, nor do they have information for it. What will be the impact for the Monte Pego Urbanization? Is there a project? Which have been the bases or requirements for the approval by the Town Halls? Could the placement be denounced? Will the other Associations or Groups request more poster placements? In case these posters have a negative effect on the value of the properties who will be responsible for the damage, the governing body of the Pro-Monte Pego Association? Its associates? Or the Town Hall that authorized them?


8.- I congratulate the “Asociación Vecinos de la Montaña de Pego” for its latest publication “Transparency in the legal dispute of Monte Pego” which is highly relevant and significant for all and hopefully the Pego City Council will implement it without further delay:

“Transparency in Monte Pego Legal Dispute!

After a thorough review of all files of the per date 13- year legal dispute between Monte Pego S.A. and Pego Town hall, the VECINOS’ legal representatives of REIG & RODENKIRCHEN, Dènia, yesterday commented on some of the legal implications for Monte Pego residents. According to them, Pego Town hall is obliged to provide Basic Services at no cost for Monte Pego residents! This obligation has existed since the adoption of a large part of the Monte Pego sector in 1999 (adoption date on the Maintenance Project maps). They also cannot see legitimacy for withholding Cedulas.

Furthermore, they see no legal grounds for residents to be charged for the completion of the infrastructure.”


Attached Annex 8


9.- It is interesting to include here the request made to the Town Hall of Pego by one of the old existing Associations in Monte Pego called “Asociación Internacional de Dones de Monte Pego” through a Notarial Act with the support of 541 signatures in 2006.

“ Ilmo., Sr. Alcalde de Pego y Sres. Jordi, Guillermo y Trull:   ( Noviembre 2.006) 

As agreed between yourself and the “Asociación Internacional de Dones de Monte Pego” (Ladies Association of Monte Pego), we will explain the needs and deficiencies of the Monte Pego Urbanization.




1.1.- SERVICE.- The rubbish collection service is inefficient. Every two months a shovel and trucks must be hired to remove the piles of trash that accumulate next to the containers. We pay rubbish taxes and ask for better service. In addition, the service must be increased in the summer months.

1.2.- GREEN/ORGANIC RESIDUES.- You gave your O.K to install containers in order to deposit the vegetable residues resulting from the pruning and cutting of plants and trees, and the cleaning of gardens. They have not yet been installed.



2.1.- POLICE SERVICE. The Local Police must patrol daily and during the day by Monte Pego, especially during holidays seasons.

 2.2.- REINVESTMENT OF TAXES.- In spite of the hundreds of thousands of Euros that the Town Hall receives each year for Contribution, Capital Gains, Licenses and Fees, nothing has been reinvested in Monte Pego. We request without further delay a reinvestment in Monte Pego annually.

2.3.- BUS STOP.- We requested the Town Hall for a bus stop in Monte Pego for the students, and we still waiting.

 2.4.- INFORMATION ON SERVICES.- All the information edited by the Town Hall, regarding the services, cultural activities and leisure activities planned to be carried out, should be received at Monte Pego.




3.1.- WASTE DISPOSAL CONNECTION TO PEGO.- We know there is a project to connect the Monte Pego purifier/sewage pipes to the Pego , therefore we ask that this be expedited.

 3.2.- PIGEONS INVASION.- We have an invasion of pigeons at night in the palms trees of the Rosario building next to BBVA bank, which is a source of infection and dirt, in addition to the fear of bird flu. We ask you to urgently solve this problem.




4.1.- CONCESSION OF CEDULES.- In the granting of “Cédulas de Habitabilidad” by the Town Hall, we are aware of the lack of logic in its concession. We ask for your urgent attention in this matter. 

4.2.- INFORMATION SERVICE. – Several owners wishing to sell their house in Monte Pego, inform us that when the buyers go to the Town Hall of Pego to inquire about the properties, that they receive from some person working there “information” that makes them change their mind on the purchase!?

4.3.- MORE TRAFIC IN THE URBANIZATION. Since a year ago, there has been an increase in traffic at the Monte Pego Urbanization, due to the cutting of the Pego – Rafol road, due to the expansion of the Penya Rotja-Fadesa entrance, and a consequence deterioration of roads and inconveniences

With these requests we hope to comply with your desire to obtain by writing the several claims of Monte Pego’s neighbours. Adherence to these requests is open to all persons who in one way or another are associated to Monte Pego.


                                                       Asociación Internacional de Dones de Monte Pego. “


This request was made 12 years and the Town Hall of Pego has not fulfilled its obligations and commitments. The difference is that during these 12 years, they have received an amount of around 7,000,000 euros in taxes from the Monte Pego Urbanization. And the then Mayor continues directing several municipal areas! 

Attached Annex 9


I hope you understand my reaction to all these false news, which damage the image of Monte Pego and therefore devalue my property and yours. It is time for the silence majority to demand responsibility for those who do not verify the news.

                                                                              Sheila and Jose Bassim Monte Pego Noviembre 2017


In my next REACTION-PART 2 I will talk about topics such as:


– The responsibility of the Town Hall of Pego in the request for “Avales”


– The annual collection of the Town Halls of Denia and Rafol d’Almunia, which each year round € 250,000 and € 200,000 respectively, compared with the € 600,000 that Pego collects and does nothing in return.


– My efforts to get the clearing of the weeds and bad plants of the streets of Monte Pego-Denia